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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  February 18, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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heated words tonight about the living conditions for hundreds of children and concerns it puts them at a disadvantage. good evenini'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. richmond's housing authority serving about 10,000 residents. that includes 10,000 families
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in 41,000 units. amber lee is live. >> reporter: the city council meeting wrapped up just a few minutes ago. the executive director put out this report to answer critics who say he's allowed public housing to fall into deplorable conditions. >> as soon as i go out there's cockroaching all the over the place. >> reporter: and bedbugs that residents say bite. in another unit we saw mold next to a child's bed. we expect the executive director why these conditions exist on his watch. he's been on the job for eight years. >> when you go in and still see cockroaches and bugs. >> we will tell you how many times we've worked on those
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units and they come back. it's not a matter of not trying, we have to do better. >> on a property that ran from the main store to my unit. and it's backed up raw feces, and everything else. >> reporter: richmond's public housing is home to 500 children. the superintendent says that the living conditions puts them at a disadvantage. the city council plans to hold a meeting to deal with this issue. they say people may be fired over this so expect changes in the coming weeks. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. new information tonight involving a woman's body found burned in a parking lot of oakland's redwood regional park over the weekend.
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park police say today their investigation in the case the 48-year-old woman from san lorenzo committed suicide. they say her body was found near her car in a plastic gas can was near the body. police say they've spoken with coworkers and family and said she was very upset about issues in both her personal and professional life. the coroner's office needs to complete their investigation before the woman's name can be released. new at 10:00, concerns about ticks living among the grass on bay area hillside. researchers say the parasite poses a new danger. it's not just lime disease. researchers at stanford found another bacteria in samples taken from parks around the area. amber lee live and tells us ticks are a threat even in winter and ken, not just in the woods. >> reporter: that's right you can find ticks in 56 of california's 58 counties. they live year round here in the bay area because of our mild winter weather. scientists say you can find ticks in places you may not
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normally think of. 30,000 americans each year suffer from lime disease after getting a tick bite. about 80 a year are affected here in the area. it's a disease that's often hard to diagnose and can leave the victim with fevers, aches and prolonged joint pain. a new study by stanford university and funded by the bay area lions foundation finds ticks aren't just in bay area forests. >> bacteria was found in unexpected places like the chaparral and grasslands not just woods. that was one of the important findings for us. >> reporter: the studies found some ticks carry another disease just discovered last year. a disease doctors know very little about known varela mayamote. a place where regulars have tick encounters. >> maybe a couple of times in the summer. not every time. unless you're beating around through the bushes. >> that's right. >> reporter: you should stay in the middle of trails and not
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stray into brush. wear bug repellent that includes deet and your dogs should be sprayed too. >> your children's bodies, you get them. the one thing is don't let them borrow in and stay for a while. >> you want to use tweezers and pull them straight out and don't let the head stay in because that could release the bacteria into your body. >> reporter: in some parts examined in the bay area as many as one in three ticks were infected by lime disease. if you are bitten by a tick, you can take that tick to your county health examiner. often times that test is free. developing news tonight
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involving cafe pacific's flights from san francisco to hong kong. at least eight people were injured when a plane hit severe turbulence. the plane was over japan when the turbulence started. people were thrown from their seats and hit the overhead bin. the boeing 787 continued to hong kong where it was helped by emergency vehicles. eight people were taken to the hospital. all but one has been released. a coalition of leading drug reform groups has decided not to push the ballot initiatives this year instead they plan to wait until 2016 saying they need to raise more money and grow more public support. there's another group that is still planning to get another measure before voters. a new report suggests slight changes in the political preferences in voters. that's down 1% from 4 years
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ago. republicans stand at 29% that's down 2% and voters with no preference rose slightly to 21%. currently 17.6 million people are registered to vote in california. in san francisco, nummi unveiled its new budget plan today and it includes a big fair increase 12-1/2%. the cost of riding munni would go from $2 to $2.25. some passengers say munni already costs too much. it's happened again. another young boy found carrying a pellet gun that almost looked like the real thing. allie rasmus tell us what happened here was very similar to another case that ended
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tragically. >> reporter: two guns, the one pictured on the top is a pellet gun found carried by a teen. the one on the bottom is a real gun carried by police. which is why concerned citizens driving near vallejo high school took notice when they saw a teenager carrying a weapon. it's a toy gun. it shoots pellets. >> i would think it was real. >> would you call police? >> absolutely. >> i wouldn't feel very safe knowing that someone is bringing that kind of thing to my daughter's school. >> reporter: it's not illegal for kids to carry pellet gun off campus. but walking around with something like this is never a good idea. >> if you present that firearm and someone feels threatened that is in position of a real gun it could be a lethal
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situation for you. >> reporter: a deputy shot and killed andy lopez. the deputy claims that he mistook the pellet gun that lopez was carrying for the real thing. >> that's something we're happy did not happen this morning. >> i'm glad that it was resolved as quickly as it was. it easily could have been a very serious mistake. >> reporter: in this case vallejo police arrested the teen, took him down to the station and later released him to his parents. we did get late word this afternoon that they did issue the teen a citation for displaying an imitation firearm in public and that comes with a $1,000 fine. allie rasmus. now to sunny vale where police say a 28-year-old man accused of molesting four neighborhood children may have abused others as well. investigators said they started looking at michael alexander
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anthony after one alleged victim came forward. it's believed the molestation happened between 1999 and 2005. it involved children ranging in age from three to eight. they also found child pornography on his computer. police are asking anyone with information to contact them. a 20 year veteran san jose firefighter appeared in court to face charges but not charges of child abuse. mario enrique cuesta is facing possession and sale of meth. they're still looking into allegations that he had sex with a minor. cuestas was wearing a badge and didn't try to hide the fact that he was a firefighter.
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officer fochoto interviewed a 27-year-old woman that said she was a run away. the woman admitted she had been held as a sex slave in a backyard shed for 16 years. after that things moved very quickly. >> she stood out here at 12:00 in the afternoon and told me what happened he was in jail by 6:00 this evening. and he's not getting out. it was originally reported the woman was abused by a relative. today we learned it was actually the woman's father. 62-year-old raul aquilla who committed the crime. this bay area idol hopefuls just performed live. this contestant talks to us about what she calls her nerve calming over half. critics call it a spy center. advocates say it curves crime.
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and next. >> federal investig
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a train struck and killed a pedestrian tonight. one of the commuters trains hit a person at 5:40 this evening. police are currently investigating. there's no word yet on whether the victim was a man or a
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woman. 2 investigates the safety of commuter rail trains. heather holmes looks into recommendations that have gone basically ignored. >> reporter: these are the recommendations following a deadly collision in 2008 in southern california. here we are in 2014 and we learned that caltrain and other rail lines have yet to fully act. the train accidents keep coming and so do calling to improvement safety. december's train derailment renewed the push to outfit trains with cameras painted at the engineers and the tracks. the ntsb made the recommendation after this commuter train and freight train collision. a train that investigators blamed on the engineer who
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passed a stop sign. the inward and outward faces cameras that could potentially prevent accidents are missing from caltrains. it has yet to put in cameras the to monitor train crews inside the control cabs. >> we think this safety system that we're putting in place offers much more than cameras on board loco motives. this is an enhanced safety system that's going to automatically stop trains. >> reporter: christine dunn today dismissed the need for inside cameras given the system said to be installed by 2015. >> it's going to tell us how fast the train was going. when the train stopped, when it slowed down. >> reporter: but it will not show what the engineer was doing. if she or she was texting, if he or she was on the phone, if he or she was preoccupied,
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distracted. >> i don't have an answer for that. >> reporter: we checked with amtrak. b.a.r.t. does monitor it conductors but has no eyes on the tracks. all of this leaving the ntsb disappointed as it said in 2010, 2012 and again last year. those are documents we obtained showing the lack of progress. when i spoke with a spokesperson he too expressed frustration. remember frank and julie the ntsb is not a regulatory agency it can simply make recommendations. reporting live tonight here in san carlos, i'm heather holmes. b.a.r.t. says it is finally close to fixing a long delayed project designed to improve your compute. two investigates discovers the construction on special cross over tracks between walnut creek and pleasant hill have been complete since 2011. the problem is the engineers couldn't figure out how to make the new tracks work. they say it's a matter of getting new technology to
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communicate with old technology. some customers and at least one b.a.r.t. work member is frustrated on how long it's taking to come up with a solution. >> it's way more delay than i was told it would be. they ran into issues they had not anticipated. >> the project cost $43 million. bart officials say the cross overs are designed to allow trains to go back in the other direction. engineers say at least one section could be in use by next month. federal authorities are weighing in on a lawsuit meant to improve the treatment of juvenile inmates. the berkeley based disability rights filed a suit. more than 1/3 of the inmates in the martinez facility have disability that affect learning. parents say when they're children are kept in solitary confinement their denied access to schooling. >> no schooling, none
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whatsoever the whole three weeks that he's in solitary confinement. >> he just sits there every day doing nothing. he did that for almost the last three years. >> federal authorities now say that contra costa county probation department and county office of education should work together to address the issues. next month the plaintiff should learn if the case will be granted class action status. a long time foster parent and community volunteer at santa cruz is facing sex crime charges involving children. as ktvu's robert handa tells us investigators say the man collected snakes then used those snakes to entize kids. >> reporter: for neighbors it was bad enough that the neighbor sold snakes from his garage. but his crimes got much worse. 57-year-old steven irving wiseman was out of jail after being charged last august for molesting children and he was rearrested friday for a fourth victim came forward this time a 10-year-old boy. >> all the cases we're investigating have taken place prior to our investigation.
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>> reporter: wiseman will be charged with five counts of lewd acts with a child under 14. he has already pleaded not guilty to about a dozen previous charges and sex crime enhancements all involving children involving lewd conduct, continual sex abuse and indecent exposure. investigators won't comment if any children were victimized. it believes wiseman looked for victims by volunteers at community groups. >> the fact he used the power of authority to get what he wanted. you know to get to his victims, it's scary. >> reporter: investigators say wiseman ran his business exhibits and selling snakes out of his home partly to lure children. >> i think the snakes were just part of his community outreach. the way he contacted people by seemingly harmless methods. it's something that a lot of
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sex offenders do. started getting way too friendly. i thought it was really creepy and weird. tomorrow at 10:00, something rarely seen on television. young boys speaking out in a candid situation. what school officials knew about the teacher years ago and didn't tell police. we uncover documents, handwritten notes and the teacher's side of the story. a ktvu exclusive tomorrow on the ktvu news. scattered showers north of the area. about 100 miles north of us. it's all moving this way but quickly drying out and falling apart. the wet weather that reaches us isn't going to be all that wet. you get clearing out there right now. but the clouds are going to increase after midnight and
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scattered showers come back into the forecast mainly in the north bay. 2:00a.m. here it is. that's about the extent. that would literally be the front that pushes through. that's 6:00 a.m. in the morning. there'll be drizzle along the coast. a little wet on highway 1 on golden gate bridge. mainly drizzle. that's the way it's going to go. when we come back we'll run the model into the weekend so you can anticipate what's going on. i'll show you the long range stuff as well. we'll see you back here at 10:45. pay cuts imposed on workers tonight. >> you're looking at a bankruptcy crisis for a lot of us. i don't have anything extra. just ahead the vote within the last 40 minutes that affects the paychecks of hundreds of bay area workers. up first, kiev
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happening now the political stalemate in ukraine is reaching a flash point. independence square in the center of kiev is burning. the demonstrators are fighting back. and at least 19 people have died seven of whom were police officers. the number of injured can't even be counted. this was the bloodiest day so far in the three month uprising. now my pictures here it's daytime in kiev and as you can see here the fires are still burning. what is not yet known is whether there's any hope for a resolution and whether there's also going up in smoke. the protests in ukraine started in november when the government decided to align itself with russia rather than the european union. developing news from hayward where in the past hour the city council voted to impose a 5% pay cut on the
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city's maintenance and cleric workers. paul chambers just stepped out of the meeting. paul the union is being forced to accept this? >> reporter: that's right julie. those concessions will go into effect this monday. it's totaled to come out to $200 per paycheck. city officials told me it was 800 to $1,000 in concessions per check already agreed upon. members of hayward aciu marched tonight before the county's reading. >> you're looking at a bankruptcy crisis for a lot of us. i don't have anything extra. >> reporter: negotiations began in february of last year but came to an impasse in july with little to no talks since. >> there's been maybe a phone call here and there trying to get them back into the table and that kind of conversation. but an actual sit down at the
11:26 pm
table. >> the union agreed to 12% in concessions. it says the city's last best and final offer of an initial 5% isn't fair. >> you're now giving me the option of choosing between my kids medical care, my house payment, and then what do we live on? >> we need to hit a certain savings target. our firefighters have gotten there. all of our manage heads have gotten there. we're just asking aciu to get to that same level. >> so far seven of the city's bargaining groups have already agrees to it still, union workers say the units equal on paper but not to their pockets. >> they're asking the units that make 200,000 a year to give up 17%. and you're asking those of us
11:27 pm
who make 60,000 a year to give up 17%. >> reporter: after one year both sides expected to go back to the negotiation table. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a new report out today suggests 1 million workers could be listed out of poverty if the minimum wage were raised. the report is from the congressional office. senate democrats are pushing for the minimum wage to be raised by 2016. there's a downside. today's report also found that such a pay raise could end up eliminating half a million jobs. a bay area reverend accused of giving a 10-year-old a black eye. >> he just hit me one time. he socked me one time. >> reporter: the confrontation that has a parent calling for the school to be shut down. >> signs
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happening now, angry citizens some wearing black scarves to cover their faces are trying to have their voices heard at tonight's city council meeting in oakland. the protesters opposed the city's plan to create a centralized surveillance center linking the port with the city. jana katsuyama is live now in city hall where the arguments are forceful and passionate. >> reporter: julie just two minutes ago protesters rolled out this check that says department of homeland security. there are protesters upstairs in the city council chambers as well. they're upset about this new surveillance system. we hear they could be taking a vote any minute now. that puts the battle over
11:31 pm
technology privacy and citizen's rights. protesters held up signs as they explained the awareness center contract up for a vote tonight. >> having all the relevant information flow through the center is essential. >> reporter: two people in black bandanas closed in taking flash photography and recordings during the presentation. while others shouted out. the council is seen approve a contract with schneider electric to design, build and maintain a surveillance system that would integrate cameras at the port of oakland with oakland traffic cameras around the clock. >> we have no agreement with the nsa or cia or fbi to be able to access our data bases or information center. >> reporter: 79 people signed up to speak. >> if this was just on airport property i would not be particularly concerned about it
11:32 pm
that is something that happens in other cities. this is relatively broad. what they want to do with it here. >> there are no privacy policies in place. the transparency is very little. people don't know what they're going to be doing with this data. >> reporter: council member noel gallo says staffing the surveillance center would cost about $100,000 a year. >> we need other tools to monitor some of the other security issues. >> reporter: when i left the chamber about five minutes ago they were asking staff questions and anticipated voting on this at any time now. if it does pass the council they say they plan to form a committee and get imput from people about how to create a privacy policy and policy on data retention. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. the department of homeland security apparently has plans to build a national license
11:33 pm
plate recognition. an ad caught the attention of our washington, d.c. bureau. the data could only be accessed in conjunction with a criminal investigation. police are are asking for your help to find a person who robbed a bank this morning. police say he drove away in a black 87 or 88 pickup with a bad paint job. the man was last seen driving southbound on north mcdowell boulevard. a bay area school has been accused of misusing tax dollars and being physical with students. now a mother wants the school
11:34 pm
closed because of what she say the reverent did to her son. >> reporter: it happened after school last wednesday at st. andrews. a k through 12 school in west oakland. 10-year-old corey says after a scuffle the reverend lacy stepped in. things escalated when corey says lacy tried to take him home in the school van. >> i got out the door for a few seconds. he slung me to the van door then put me back in the van. >> reporter: take a close look at corey's left eye because he says that's a result of what happened next. >> he slapped me one time he socked me one time. >> reporter: st. andrews is not without controversy. that controversy led the school district to cut off funds. but the school stayed in business. at last count it has 21
11:35 pm
students. we tracked down the reverend who told us he knew about the allegations from corey and his mother but that he had a very different version of what happened. >> we're ready to talk to whoever she contacted so that we can make sure it's clear and plain to what happened. >> make it clear and plain to me. >> i want to make it clear and plain to the authorities. >> did you slap him? >> i want to make it clear and plain. >> isn't it a clear question. >> it's exaggerated. >> how do you exaggerate a black eye? >> how it happened. >> she wants the school shut down. >> i tend to see -- i plan to see this all the way through. >> reporter: corey's mom says she filed a police report.
11:36 pm
while she says that she has filed a police report, neither she nor the reverend has been contacted. in oakland claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now late today opd sent us this statement in response to our inwith in -- inquiry. it says the opd takes all crimes seriously, especially when a child is involved. it is our fundamental duty to protect our children. nasdaq did better and gained 28. the company behind candy crash saga is planning to go public. some analysts think it could be worth more than $5 billion. but others question whether the company king entertainment can be successful while other gaming busies such as san francisco's zynga has
11:37 pm
struggled. candy crush has been downloaded more than 500 million times times since it debuted in 2012. the reason this contestant already has everyone talking. i'm tracking a slight chance for wet weather in the forecast. what the latest models feel. and his
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a san lorenzo family says they are both heartbroken and angry after a sheriff deputy shot and killed a 64-year-old man. relatives say he was holding a bat when alameda sheriff deputies shot and killed him.
11:40 pm
goms had had a seizure but when the ambulance showed up, for some reason he ran back into the home. and that's when authorities say he picked up a bat and swung it at the deputies. his nephew says his uncle was feeble and could not run 3 feet without losing his breath. >> i sure do hope that these cops are put under investigation. >> when he comes out, he vie leaptly attacks the sergeant hitting him with a baseball bat and attempting to hit him again. that's when shots were fired. authorities say they have responded to disturbances at that home 19 times in past years. the deputies involved in the shooting have now been put on administrative leave. new at 10:00, a bay area community is coming together to help a young man battling leukemia. a bone marrow drive was held tonight in san francisco.
11:41 pm
29-year-old ryan menensala was diagnosed in january 2012. he recently relapsed and no one in his family is a marrow match. ryan is filipino and that puts him at a collage to find a donor match because there's a shortage of donors. >> for a minority latino patients, the chances of finding a match is really slim. >> reporter: the asian american donor program has organized several bone marrow drives in ryan's honor. google is reportedly expanding its presence in san francisco and moving 200 workers into the mission district. google is in the process of taking a former printing company on alabama street at 16th street. the building is zoned for manufacturing. one of san francisco's landmark hotels the mark hopkins is changing hands for $120 million.
11:42 pm
a joint venture involving two investment companies is buying the hotel from intercontinental hotels. the mark hopkins opened in 1926 on top of knot hill. it has 383 rooms and fantastic views. the new owners say they plan to spend $20 million on renovations. rain in northern california right now. the slim chance it will reach the bay area. bill will have your complete bay area forecast. >> ♪ >> at first tens of thousands of american idol [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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how about that that was oakley of san jose followed by -- they've made it from the nationwide auditions right on through hollywood week and to the live shows. >> in the process one of the two women has received national attention for becoming the first african american contestant to speak out about being openly gay. when 75,000 singers converged on san francisco back in october for their chance to impress the american idol judges, mk nobelette was right in the middle of it all. >> i was really nervous when i first went in there to see the judges. >> the 20-year-old showed up early and waited hours to perform. all because her aunt betsy encouraged her to try out.
11:46 pm
>> ♪ singing gladys night if i were your woman, mk got her golden ticket. >> it's a classic, i think it's good. >> reporter: we caught up with mk at her san francisco home as she waited for hollywood week. little did we no after her interview was saved and she went out to hollywood she would get so much attention. there have been prior performers in the competition who are gay but no one talked about it on the show until now. >> i'm very obviously gay. and there are always going to be people in america and everywhere else who are definitely going to hate. but i think in the last two years there have been thing that is have changed that and made it a positive thing. >> we think -- >> strongly. >> that you could be an american idol and we would like you to be in our top 15 girls. >> reporter: american idol rules prevented mk from singing for us so instead she played some music. >> it sort of took away part of my nerves because it was my other half kind of.
11:47 pm
if i'm performing then my performer is the guitar. >> 17-year-old bryanna oakley is a senior in concord. she actually auditioned last year but didn't make it past hollywood week. >> i've been so determined and working so hard. i am just so happy. >>bryanna hopes to go all the way with her mom her true idol by her side. >> she's supersupportive and that's all she's ever been. it's hard to be a single parent but to make it to every competition or everything i want to do she's always there. she's definitely my huge huge inspiration in life. i definitely want to be like my mom. >> tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on ktvu. 10 of the guys will get a chance to perform. then the results of both the men and women are announced thursday night and the field
11:48 pm
will be narrowed down to just 13. new at 10:00, a central valley slaughter house that provides beef to the national school lunch program has been closed for failing to meet cleanliness standards. federal inspectors said today operations at the central valley meat in sanford have been suspended due to unsanitary conditions. that same facility was closed for a week in 2010 after a video surfaced showing workers torturing tows with electric prods. last september the company recalled 58,000-pound of piece over concerns that it may have contained small pieces of plastic. at least 70 million target customers and more than 1 million neiman marcus customers had their information breached.
11:49 pm
but they say banks and retailers are dragging their feet because of money. they're disappointed that target nor neiman marcus decided to send representatives to today's meeting. a warm day out there today. we had plenty of cloud. showers way to the north right now. they're trying to work their way into the area. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow are going to be about the same. a little warmer in some places. sun is going to come out tomorrow afternoon. here's the system i'm tracking will come in real close. you can see it to the north. this whole thing is going to work its way south over the next three or four hours. after midnight it's going to try to move into our area and bring us a few light scattered showers. that what we're tracking. the scatter showers would occur north of santa rosa. we've had a little bit of drizzle tonight already. basically like alameda and pacifica. we had a little bit of cloud
11:50 pm
cover. tomorrow and tonight or tomorrow morning this system slides through. it bring as -- brings us a little bit of drizzle. a couple of days ago i thought we would get .1 of an inch from this. as you see that. that was overnight into 8:00 tomorrow morning. this is basically the tail end of that front that sheers apart. a nonproducing front. as this slides through the sun comes out. roads may be a little bit glazed in the morning. it shouldn't be an issue for most people. at 6:00 a.m. on thursday morning a few clouds. thursday afternoon a few more clouds. everything rain stays south. sorry, friday morning more of the same. so the pattern goes back to dry through the weekend. encouraging note, on the pacific there's something developing that looks as though next week will have a potentially middle end of next week will bring us some rain. 58degrees tomorrow morning in
11:51 pm
oakland. 65 for a high. temperatures will be cooler 64 in san jose. 50degrees at lunch time. as you look at the forecast highs you got 65 in antioch. 66 in brentwood. this is how it's going to go tomorrow. you're going to see in the five day forecast it's going to get warmer as we work our way into the bay area weekend. so boom, boom, boom. right. temperatures will warm up into the upper 60s and 70s on sunday. here's your bay area forecast. i was looking at the long range stuff and it's a new model runs pretty consistent in bringing us something middle end of next week which will be good. >> good if you're encouraging we're encouraged. >> we know what to watch. thank you bill. >> mark is here now. after the all star break the warriors are finally getting back into action tomorrow. >> tomorrow night and i guess you can say. for the put up or shut up portion of the nba regular
11:52 pm
season for the warriors it does start tomorrow with sacramento in the land of kings where they didn't really start asserting themselves in the league. golden state has suffered memorable losses like this one against the bob cats at home. if they're going to make the play offs. this is a trend that has to stop now. >> we don't have any problems playing in the league. but when we start playing teams, i don't know if our motor can't get going or what it could be. we have to find a way. it's about looking bag -- back at the schedule and say, we lost a couple of bad games that's going to hurt us down the stretch run. now we're playing for our play off lives. they opposed each other in a very emotional play off encounter. ♪
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giants making some news just a few moments ago they have announced a huge raise for boyd as he avoids arbitration. he hit .289 last year with 17
11:56 pm
home runs just about triples his salary. meantime there's no sport that could capture statistics like baseball. and a particular player for the giants would be angel pagan who ironically as the team works out today in scottsdale. one of the most exciting plays of all last year. a game ending inside the park home run. he appeared to tear his hamstring since he missed much of the rest of the season. but he says the injury actually didn't occur in the home run. it was sustained earlier in the game. i went to the dug out and i told marco i think that i pulled something in my leg. and he taped me up. he taped my leg up. i told him, i think something is wrong with my leg and he
11:57 pm
gave me a bat and said you're going to win the game. >> i don't know if the trainer would approve of that. a little 49er fans of the 49ers. likely interested in how quarterback collin kaepernick is spending his offseason. not exactly known for his outgoing gregarious nature. he shows a completely different side last night as the fellow quarterback cam newton serves as cohost of a show called the hall of game awards on the cartoon network. at one point dressed up like babies, interacted with the audience and took a shot at singing the katy perry hit, ouch. roar is the song. >> i got the eye of the tiger ♪ dancing through the fire because ♪ i am a champion and you're going to hear me ♪ roar ♪ he is a really, really good quarterback.
11:58 pm
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>> today on "tmz". >> the woman who says she killed as many as 100 people is hilarious. so says rj mitte. >> there should be more killers like that. >> i think there should be more killers like that. >> i think there should be more killers like that. >> he's just saying if you're gonna kill go big, right? >> nina agdal, lilly aldridge, chrissy teigen, the models on the front cover of "sports illustrated". we asked -- >> what if you caught john legend looking at the other girls in the magazine? >> she goes, i'd like it.


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